An honest conversation about creativity and what I’ve learned this week.

I honestly have the best job in the world because not only do I get to work with my wife, but I get to create things and make photographs almost every day. But some weeks are harder than others in the sense that at times I have to be creative and I can’t wait for myself to become inspired—I just have to create things when I need to create them. Most of the time it’s fine and I can usually find inspiration and usually dig myself out of a creative rut when I need to on demand. But some weeks are certainly harder. This past week was one of them and once I got to the end of it I needed some kind of inspiration.


Luckily last week, in our spare time, we were rewatching @the_oa. If you’ve never watched it it is in my top 3 favorite shows of all time. I can’t recommend it enough. We were rewatching the show on the heels of the creators announcing its cancellation on August 5th. But what’s funny is after re-watching and spending many hours on Reddit diving into super meta theories about the show I’m 99% convinced that this cancellation announcement from @britmarling and @z_al is all an elaborate meta/viral marketing campaign that they have had in place since the beginning of creating Part 1.


Diving deep into this show, these theories, the visuals, and this incredible story/world that this show brought in the first two seasons has inspired me more than I ever imagined. I can’t help that after re-watching this show I’m just over the top inspired. I’ve loved what I’ve learned, read about, and listened to about Brit and Zal. They are next level creative minds and I can’t wait to see what their art teaches me over the years in whatever they are working on. Fingers crossed that the #SavetheOA movement will either be part of this meta third season, or that it will help this incredible piece of art stay away from the chopping block.


These self portraits below are a personal outpouring of gathered inspiration from this show. I used this amazing tool called and iPhone X to create these self portraits. Shout out to Moment and their amazing app and of course VSCO for bringing the photos truly to life through their post processing tools.


Technology is amazing. Art is remarkable. I honestly don’t know how I would function as a human being without art and without the ability to express myself and to create things simply for myself and simply for the joy of making art. I am so lucky to do what I do. One thing I’ve learned this week is when you’re tired from pushing yourself creatively—don’t wait for inspiration to hit you—simply find it and make it anyways because you’re the only one who can.

Only you can create something unique to your own personal vision.

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