Praise Through The Pain


As I was finishing up one of the two dishes I was bringing to Friendsgiving this past weekend, I pulled a stainless steel skillet out of the oven and placed it on the stove. Then I needed to move the skillet slightly and in that time I set my towel down and grabbed the screaming hot skillet handle and received a 2nd degree burn across most of my left hand. I’ve never been burned like this before and honestly it was some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt.

After a trip to Roper Express Clinic (where the staff were absolutely incredible btw), a trip to Target, some crazy pain meds, I’m back home all bandaged up and still in a lot of pain. Through this I’m praying for a quick healing, but ultimately I’m praying for God’s will to be done through it all.

I sat there in the room earlier waiting for the amazing doctor and prayed out loud saying God I’ve never seen a healing miracle with my own eyes—but I’ve heard of some pretty incredible ones. So I prayed that if it’s God’s will, then it would be awesome to have my hand healed soon. But if that’s not His will, I can’t wait to see what He does through this.

I know something like this situation is nothing in comparison to how big God is. This situation is certainly not as big as His love for us. Through the inconvenience, I’ll praise Him. Through this pain, I’ll praise Him.

In moments like these, you without a doubt stop and slow down a bit. You think about how lucky you are to have two hands. Two legs. That fact that your healthy. The fact that I can visit a doctor. The fact that I have health insurance. A roof over my head. A beautiful wife that loves me more than I can comprehend. An incredible job with people that let me create for a living—and a job filled with people who love me and my family and would drop anything to help us out.

Today there is a lot to be thankful for. But if you would, I ask that you could continue to lift me up in your prayers.

So here’s a #selfportrait at Target—post clinic visit, but pre-Cookout visit. 🤙📱🥴

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