Jordan Summers

I recently put out on my Instagram to see if anyone would be interested in a #FilmOnly shoot for a discounted price just because I want people to see the beauty and process of film. My friend Jordan Summers reached out as soon as he saw it and wanted to work together. Jordan is a crazy talented musician and producer here in Charleston and he needed some portraits for his Spotify/website/Instagram and I was so excited to do a full 35mm shoot. He also uses almost all analog gear to write his music—so he was very into the idea of making these portraits on film. We shot two roll of Portra 800 that day and we are both so excited about what we made that day. Take a minute and go check out Jordan’s new website with some of his incredibly cinematic and beautiful music / scores, and also check out some of the things he has produced there as well.

Below are some of my favorite photographs from those two rolls. If you would be interested in a #FilmOnly shoot let’s chat by filling out this form. I would love to create something beautiful together—on film.

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