A Moment With a Person



Stan is possibly the nicest person you will ever meet. He embodies the phrase "oh he could never hurt a fly" – perfectly. He overflows with compassion, curiosity and a sense of wonder.

Two weeks ago Stan came into a make-shift studio I had set up for a small post-baby dedication reception I was photographing at work (he volunteers with our parking team at Church).

Stan usually meets with a few other guys in the room we set up in during our 11:00 AM service, but we intruded into their space that morning. It's something new we're trying. So as curious as Stan was, he delicately asked if I could take his photograph. I said he can be my test subject as I set up my lighting. At first, I thought he was joking, but he was serious as serious could be and stayed and talked with me as I set up my backdrop and lights. And when I was done after about 20 minutes or so of running around, he let me make his photograph.

Well, the next Sunday, the day that I had promised him I would give him a cd of his pictures that I made. I, unfortunately, let him down by not having his cd for him that day. But luckily just as soon as I thought he was about to give me a hard time he asked to have his picture taken again. I, of course, said yes and I asked him to follow me outside to better light. When I asked why he wanted his picture taken again, he said; "I've got my father’s day outfit on!". 

So I took a handful of photographs – I first framed him cutting off at his mid-thigh, and I then showed them to him and he was not impressed and wanted his whole body in the frame, so I made his picture again... this time making sure I got his nice shoes in the frame that he later told me he only wears on his birthday and Father's day. The day I made this picture was Father's Day. He also told me His birthday was a few days earlier. So the first pictures I made of Stan got trashed because he "didn't like his outfit" and because he was wearing his Father's Day attire. 

I respect that.

So with the handful of photographs I made, this one stood out to me. His facial expression tells me a lot. It was near the last frame I made of him and something about his posture and his face that not only makes me see Stan in this photograph but I can feel his energy and his gentle personality. 

He is one of our most faithful volunteers at Northwood. And you can tell that through a conversation wth him. He's dedicated to his work and his family and you can tell he's dedicated to caring about everyone his meets. 

Very lucky to of met Stan for the first time 2 weeks ago and I can't wait to give him his cd of photographs this weekend.

This moment, in my opinion, perfectly embodies his passion for caring for others and his passion and love for the Lord.

He bleeds it.

He bleeds it through this photograph and he bleeds it through his work on Sunday mornings. 

I hope I get to photograph Stan again sometime soon. When I do, I'll be sure to share the photographs again.

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